About Membership

The Chartered Institute of Management Consultants® is dedicated to high ethical and professional standards to promote excellence in all aspects of the management consulting profession.

As a professional body for management consultants we aim to provide information and a voice for all CIMC members.We provide a range of qualifications tailored for today's busy management professional plus excellent CPD enabling our members to meet the necessary professional standards.

Membership Criteria

Examination waiver program

This allows highly qualified applicants to apply directly for the ChMC designation. There is no precise criteria for the examination waiver as CIMC applicants are based worldwide. All applications are evaluated by the Certification Board.
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Membership Grades

The CIMC membership structure caters for different educational and professional needs. It is designed to allow you entry at an appropriate level, accurately reflecting your academic standards, vocational skills, experience and contribution to the accounting profession.

Type of Membership Full Membership Associate Fellowship
 Designatory Letters ChMC ACIMC FCIMC

The CIMC program needs to be successfully completed for full membership. Find out more about the CIMC program.

About Associate Members can apply for CIMC Fellowship when they have been a member in good standing of CIMC for two years or more.
Exemptions Exemptions may be granted based on existing qualifications & experience. N/A N/A